Think about a bag that at the same time is both fashionable, respectful of the environment and adaptable for every solution… well, you are thinking about FileBag!

Designed by the Italian stylist Annalisa Caricato, FileBag is the regenerated leather bag that you can adapt everyday as you want by the simple gesture of changing its cover.

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FileBag was born as a part of the Regenesi project: since 2008 with the intuition and passion of Maria Silvia Pazzi a wide variety of regenerated products became design objects. High design quality products made with recycled materials are the key to this success. For the recovery of these materials Regenesi chooses small industries and non-toxic materials. The Regenesi products are made for your daily life, fashionable bags and jewels. To amaze with simplicity, that is what defines our beauty.


Choose the size of your File Bag

Choose the size of your File Bag
Large – height 28 cm, base 24 cm, depth 14 cm
Medium – height 22 cm, base 20 cm, depth 10 cm
Small – height 26 cm, base 16 cm, depth 10 cm
Then choose the base color – cognac or night blue
Finally choose your cover and the type of shoulder strap you prefer – leather, ribbon or chain

Now you can change every time you want by just swapping your cover!

    File Bag